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Accidents and incidents at sea, and those involving boats and ships, require specialized knowledge and experience because they raise complex issues of federal maritime law and state tort and contract law. For example, the federal Limitation of Liability Act protects boat owners who are alleged to have committed negligence in navigable waters, while the Jones Act and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act affect the employment relationship of certain employees working at sea and in maritime industries. At the same time, state contract and tort law, as well as workers’ compensation laws, may affect the legal rights and responsibilities of owners, operators and workers. Experienced maritime counsel is necessary to navigate the myriad issues that an incident at sea or in a harbor presents.

The need for experienced counsel is true regardless of whether the case involves property damages or personal injuries or both. In either case, it is essential to retain counsel that knows the law and unique issues that arise in maritime cases.

Denlea & Carton’s team of experienced attorneys has successfully defended maritime and admiralty cases in federal and state courts throughout the country on behalf of boat owners (both recreational craft and industrial and working craft), operators and manufacturers, ship builders and marina owners in a variety of incidents. We have significant experience handling maritime claims and will aggressively fight to protect your rights in any maritime lawsuit.


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