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January 25, 2021

Winter Weather Driving in New York

Driving in Winter Can Be Dangerous. Here’s a Few Reminders!

Winter weather is a part of life in Westchester County. For the most part, it is an inconvenience that brings cold temperatures and ice and snow to the region. But winter weather can also be hazardous, and even fatal, when navigating our local roadways. According to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, in the United States there are “nearly half a million crashes and more than 2,000 road deaths every winter.” 

Car Accidents in Winter

There are many causes for motor vehicle accidents in the winter, and although some are unavoidable, many could be averted with a little extra attention.

The top three reasons for winter-time collisions are:

  1. Excessive speed or driving too fast for the existing conditions
  2. A poorly maintained vehicle, such as worn brakes or tires
  3. A common, but dangerous practice, known as “peephole” driving.

“Peephole” Driving in New York

Peephole driving is when someone begins driving without first completely clearing the entire windshield. Avoiding this simple task causes accidents due to poor visibility for the driver.

Loose snow can blow and obscure the visibility for other drivers and, if coupled with ice, can cause a windshield to crack or break. In addition, in New York State, peephole driving is prohibited by Section 375 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

So, if you must drive in inclement weather, take your time, make sure your vehicle is winter-road ready, and take the extra few minutes to completely clean your windshield for your safety and for those around you. The good news is spring is only two months away!

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