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June 23, 2022

Top 5 Most Common Surgical Errors

The Devastating Reality About Surgical Mistakes and Negligence

Thousands of people are injured every year as a result of surgical errors. Many of these mistakes are preventable, whether caused by inexperience, insufficient staffing, or a lack of communication. When a person is injured due to a preventable surgical error, they might be able to pursue compensation against a negligent party.

In order to obtain the largest possible recovery, you need an experienced attorney. At Denlea & Carton, we represent individuals who have been injured as a result of medical malpractice throughout New York. Our legal team has secured over $100 million on behalf of our clients and will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve. If you were injured because of a surgical error, contact our office at (914) 368-7168 for a free consultation.

5 of the most common surgical errors include:

1. Wrong-site, Wrong-patient, and Wrong-procedure Surgeries

Wrong-site, wrong-patient, and wrong-procedure surgeries are considered “never events” or surgical mistakes that should never happen. Unfortunately, they are more common than most people realize. According to the American Hospital Association, some studies estimate that these types of surgical errors occur as many as 40x per week in the United States.

2. Foreign Objects Left in the Patient

Another type of “never event” and likely the most common surgical error in the country is when foreign objects are left in a patient’s body. Foreign objects may include things like sponges, pads, gauze, clamps, and other medical equipment. A foreign object left inside a patient can cause a serious, potentially life-threatening infection and is 100% preventable.

3. Anesthesia Mistake

Administering too much anesthesia can prove fatal; administering too little can cause a patient extreme pain and trauma. In addition to administering the wrong dose, an anesthesiologist may fail to properly monitor a patient to ensure that they are not having an adverse reaction to the drug. They can also give the wrong type of medicine resulting in dangerous side effects.

4. Organ Perforation and Nerve Damage

Surgery requires precision. An unsteady hand or slight misjudgment could cause long-term damage. Surgical mistakes of this nature can cause nerve damage or organ perforation.

5. Delayed Surgery

While many surgical errors happen immediately before or during the procedure itself, some injuries can occur because a doctor fails to complete a surgery promptly. Whether the delayed surgery was a result of a misdiagnosis or scheduling error, any preventable harm that results in serious injury to a patient may constitute medical malpractice.

Contacting a Surgical Error Lawyer

Surgical errors affect far too many people nationwide. The devastating reality is that many of these mistakes can be prevented by adhering to safety protocols, improving communication, and by paying careful attention to details.
If you suspect that you were the victim of a surgical error, you might be entitled to compensation through a medical malpractice claim. Contact our office at (914) 368-7168 to speak directly with an attorney. All consultations are free and without obligation to retain our services. There are no fees unless we win; call now to get started.


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