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January 09, 2023

The Most Crash-Prone Roads in the Hudson Valley

Unsafe Roadways and Intersections Near the Hudson River Valley

Driving in and around the Hudson Valley can be dangerous. Certain stretches of roads can be particularly unsafe and have a high rate of accidents. Sharp turns and confusing road markings make the area even more difficult for motorists to drive. Tragically, many of the crashes in the area are preventable caused by negligence or recklessness.

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Dangerous, Accident-Ridden Roads in the Hudson Valley

Does your commuter traffic report ever make you feel like you’re in a scene from “Groundhog Day”? Or that the same road accounts for an inordinate number of accidents? You’re not alone. WRRV recently revealed listeners’ ranks for the worst roads in the Hudson River Valley and the answers might surprise you.

Most dangerous roadways in the Hudson Valley:

  • Platte Cove Road in Elka Park
  • Peekskill Hollow Road in Putnam
  • 44/55 in Ulster County
  • The Taconic Parkway in Dutchess County
  • Route 209 in Ulster and Orange County
  • Mid-Hudson Bridge Interchange
  • Bear Mountain Road in Cortlandt

For example, the Taconic State Parkway is regularly named one of the most dangerous roads in the state due to its nauseating twists and turns. According to the Hudson Valley Post, the road which runs through several counties came in second only to I-87 (particularly the NYS Thruway)  for the most treacherous road in the state.

Rockland County Traffic Accidents

In Rockland County, the portion of Route 202 in Haverstraw which intersects with the Palisades Interstate Parkway and Route 45 is notorious for crashes. This area is in the ‘top 20’ most accident-prone stretches in New York State.

In fact, Rockland has more than half of the roadways listed in the top 20. Although changes designed to reduce the number of accidents have been made, the latest data shows just the opposite.

Westchester County Traffic Accidents

As with other parts of the Hudson Valley, Westchester County has several roads and intersections that are incredibly unsafe with a high rate of crashes.

In Westchester County, the following roadways also regularly rank among the most dangerous:

  • Taconic State Parkway
  • Certain stretches on the Saw Mill River
  • Cross County Parkway
  • Westchester Avenue in Port Chester
  • Amsterdam Avenue

What the majority of these roadways have in common is that the original designers never contemplated the volume of traffic they would receive in the future. As well-traveled, commuter-laden roads where driver inattention, tailgating, and speeding are common, they have received the ‘honor’ of being on the list of most crash-prone roads in the Hudson Valley.

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