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November 07, 2021

The First Six Months of 2021 Were the Deadliest

The Staggering Statistics

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA), as part of its Fatality Analysis Reporting System, recently issued a report recapping road fatalities for the first six months of 2021.  Remarkably, the report shows the largest increase ever recorded.  It is estimated that over 20,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes during this six-month period – an 18% increase over last year.

The record-high number correlates with the increase in vehicle miles traveled – which rose approximately 13%. The report also concluded that speeding and lack of seat belts were recorded at a higher rate than pre-pandemic analysis.

At Denlea & Carton, we know the devastation that serious accidents can have on people and their families. For over 35 years, we have been representing individuals hurt or killed in car accidents caused by another person’s negligence or wrongdoing. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a recent car crash, contact our office at (914) 368-7168 for a free consultation.

What is the Solution?

United States Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, stated:

“This is a crisis.  More than 20,000 people died on U.S. roads in the first six months of 2021, leaving countless loved ones behind.  We cannot and should not accept these fatalities as simply a part of everyday life in America.”

Buttigieg is announcing the Department’s first ever National Roadway Safety Strategy. It is designed to find action steps that will save lives on the road.  He stated, “It will take all levels of government, industries, advocates, engineers, and communities across the country working together toward the day when family members no longer have to say goodbye to loved ones because of a traffic crash.”

New York’s Most Dangerous Roadway

Although a nationwide issue, Westchester and its surrounding communities continue to have its share of deadly roads. The Taconic State Parkway, which winds its way through various Hudson Valley counties, retains its ranking as the most dangerous and deadly road in New York State.

A popular route for travelers leaving New York City and heading north, it is over 100 miles of narrow, curvy two-lane roadways and should be avoided when possible. The original design never intended to hold the volume of traffic it does today. Never a week goes by without a report of a major accident on the Taconic.

Just recently, a Bronx resident, driving at a high rate of speed, was unable to negotiate a curve and his vehicle struck a guardrail and overturned. Unfortunately, he did not survive. As a start, if we all go back to basics – lowering speeds, wearing seat belts and reducing distractions – we can work to lower this deadly statistic.

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