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July 24, 2023

Strange Driving Laws in New York

5 Stranger than Fiction Laws That You Need to Know

Every state has weird laws that make you think twice, but New York takes the cake for some of the oddest traffic laws in the nation. From prohibiting funny noises to making it illegal to change clothes in your vehicle, there are several real head-scratchers.

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Here are five of the weirdest driving laws in New York:

  1. No Sleep

    In the Village of Southampton, a person may only sleep in their motor vehicle during certain hours. According to the local law, if your vehicle is stationary, you may not sleep in it between the hours of 2:00 – 5:00 am.

  2.  No U-Turns

    Hope that you never make a mistake while navigating because U-turns are prohibited in West Hampton Dunes. Oddly enough, a local ordinance makes it illegal for a person to make a U-turn on any of the streets or parts of streets within the village.

  3. No Disrobing

    It is illegal to disrobe in your vehicle in the Village of Sag Harbor. Buried in a vague bathing statute, Sag Harbor makes it unlawful to take off your clothes in public places or in your vehicle. The statute also requires individuals to bathe in the waters of the Village with a swimsuit or proper cover.

  4. No Warming Up

    Despite freezing cold temperatures outside, it is illegal to warm up your vehicle unless you are in it in New York. It can be tempting in below zero temps to start your car and run back to your warm home until the vehicle heats up. Unfortunately, this is prohibited by state law. You could receive a citation, even if it is freezing outside. The Unattended Motor Vehicle law prohibits a person from allowing a vehicle to stand unattended if they have not stopped the engine and removed the key from the vehicle.

  5. No Speeding Past a Sanitation Truck

    A 2016 modification to an older law redefined what a hazard truck is in New York. The new definition  includes sanitation trucks. The new law was designed to protect sanitation workers from dangerous conditions where strangers would routinely zip past them. It said that drivers must now slow down when passing a sanitation truck, just as they would be required to with a fire truck or other emergency vehicle.

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