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April 07, 2021

Spring Has Sprung! Remember to Stay Safe While You Enjoy the Fun

Safety Tips for Springtime Activities in Westchester County

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Westchester County. After the long, cold winter, everyone is anxious to enjoy the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. Along with the wonderful springtime weather, however, comes increased hazards. Something as simple as being more mindful of your surroundings can help reduce the number of accidents.

Everyone wants to get out of the house and be outside as much as possible. There are more cars on the road taking scenic drives, an increase in bike riders, and more pedestrians and children playing. It is important that drivers take notice of the increased activity around them when getting behind the wheel.

Remember Dog Safety

Heading outdoors with our pets is another great springtime activity. Check out Rumbrook Park East Dog Park, which is given high ratings by dog owners. Keep in mind that dog owners should always have their pets on a leash, and dogs with a history of being aggressive should be restrained appropriately. Dog attacks can lead to serious injuries, including lacerations and broken bones.

Swimming Pool Safety and Liability

Who wants to go swimming? This is the time of year when pools are opened and every kid wants to start splashing. A popular pool in our community is county-run Saxon Woods Pool. For private pools, it is crucial that the proper fencing surround the pool, and that children are always supervised. Consider installing a pool alarm with sensors that detect water movement.

Defects in Roads and Walkways

Although Old Man Winter is gone, he left behind a trail of potholes, cracked sidewalks, and uneven pavement – all accidents waiting to happen. Property owners may be liable for injuries caused by negligent maintenance and may be responsible to repair dangerous conditions.

Getting the kids outside is a must, and taking them to a park or playground is a great idea!  Whether privately owned or city maintained such as the White Plains Park or Kensico Dam Plaza, a thorough inspection should be done after the winter to ensure that all the property is in top condition and any necessary maintenance on the equipment is completed.

So protect yourself and others from injury, but get outside and celebrate the coming of spring!


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