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March 17, 2021

National Burn Awareness Week

Raising Awareness for Burn Victims

February 7, 2021 will mark the beginning of the 31st National Burn Awareness Week. This dedicated week, sponsored by the American Burn Association (ABA), spotlights the 400,000+ people requiring medical attention for their burn injuries each year.

While most burn injuries occur at home, approximately 10% occur in the workplace, and continue to be one of the leading causes of accidental death and injury in the United States. Oftentimes, these workplace injuries are severe, causing serious scarring and lifelong physical disabilities.

Since burn injuries include everything from scalds to chemicals, each year the ABA promotes one particular theme. This year’s theme focuses on electrical burns and prevention. Electrical burns occur when a person comes in contact with an electrical current. This contact can result in severe injuries, depending on the voltage and length of exposure, and typically requires immediate medical attention.

Westchester County is fortunate to have the only dedicated burn center in the State between New York City and the Canadian border. The Westchester Medical Center’s Regional Burn Center, located in Valhalla, is a critical resource for burn victims in our region. Seeing hundreds of burn patients each year, the Center offers hope for survival and quality of life.

For additional information about National Burn Awareness Week, please visit the American Burn Association website at

Get Legal Help After a Burn Injury

Denlea & Carton is a leading personal injury law firm in White Plains, NY, serving burn victims throughout Westchester County. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or in a workplace accident, please get in touch with our firm.

We can help you recover compensation through a personal injury claim for your medical expenses, recovery, lost wages, and more. Consultations are FREE and we take cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means you do not pay us any fees unless we win your case. Contact us today.


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