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November 30, 2023

Most Dangerous Driving Maneuvers

Deadly Actions Drivers Take Behind the Wheel

A car can be a dangerous and potentially deadly weapon. Even simple maneuvers can put you and others at risk of serious injury. There are certain actions, however, that are more hazardous than others. Individuals who are hurt because of a dangerous driving maneuver are strongly encouraged to contact an attorney.

At Denlea & Carton, LLP, we provide legal representation to individuals who have been seriously injured in car accidents throughout White Plains, NY, and the greater Westchester County community. Our legal team will help guide you through the claims process to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve after a collision. Were you or a loved one injured in a car crash, contact our office at (914) 368-7168 to schedule a free consultation. 

What Are the Most Dangerous Driving Maneuvers?

There are several driving maneuvers that can be extremely dangerous when not done carefully. Any time that you are injured due to another person’s driving maneuver, you need to speak with an attorney.

Driving maneuvers that can be hazardous:

  • Left turns – Making a left turn without following the rules of the road can result in a serious accident. T-bone collisions most frequently occur when one driver is attempting to make a left turn. It is essential to proceed through a left turn with caution and to always be on the watch for oncoming traffic.
  • Curves in the road – Negotiating a curve in the road is another driving maneuver that can be dangerous. If you are speeding or are not paying attention, you can enter the turn too quickly and veer off the road. Many pedestrians and bicyclists have been hurt when drivers take a curve in the road too fast.
  • Passing another vehicle – While passing another vehicle may seem innocuous, it can also lead to an accident. If a driver does not leave enough room between their vehicle and the vehicle they want to pass, they can cause a collision. Additionally, attempting to overtake a vehicle in a no-passing zone could cause a head-on collision with oncoming traffic. 
  • Reversing without looking – Any time you place your vehicle in reverse, you must be aware of your surroundings. If you are backing out of a driveway or parking spot, you need to ensure that there are no bystanders that could be hit by your vehicle. 
  • Merging on to another roadway – Another frequent cause of accidents is when a vehicle merges from one roadway to another roadway without looking. You must ensure that you check your blind spot before proceeding. 

While almost any driving maneuver can be dangerous, some are more harmful than others. It is imperative to take care when operating a vehicle and to ensure you are doing so safely. 

Were You Injured in a Collision? Contact Our Office. 

Were you injured in a car accident? Contact our office at (914) 368-7168 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us help you get the recovery you deserve after a crash. There are no fees unless we win. Call now to speak directly with a member of our legal team. 



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