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January 11, 2023

23-Car Pileup in Westchester County on I-95 Involving Semi-Trucks

Multiple Injuries Reported as Result of Rush Hour Traffic Accident

Seven people were injured in a 23-car pileup on I-95. The major traffic accident shut down the busy Thruway for hours during the morning commute according to multiple reports. It is believed that a cargo leak in a tractor-trailer caused the dangerous early morning traffic jam.

At Denlea & Carton, we represent individuals who have been injured in car accidents throughout Westchester Country. Our dedicated legal team can help you obtain compensation for your injuries after a collision. If you are injured in a truck or auto accident, contact our office at (914) 873-1404 to schedule a free consultation.

Leak of Unknown Substance Causes Multi-Car Pileup

The I-95 in Westchester County was closed earlier this year after a tractor-trailer reportedly leaked an unknown substance onto the NY Thruway. According to WNBC, the semi-truck was traveling along I-95 north when it allegedly lost 100 gallons of a clear liquid it was carrying. The spill made road conditions extremely hazardous due to its slippery effect.

Local law enforcement counted 21 passenger vehicles and two semi-trucks that were involved in accidents related to the untimely spill. At least seven people were hospitalized with accident-related injuries. The 23-car pileup stretched on for nearly a mile in New Rochelle and took several hours to clean up. It is unclear what type of liquid the tractor-trailer was carrying.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

While it is not known what caused the tractor-trailer to leak the slippery substance it was carrying, many truck accidents are caused by negligence or recklessness. In some cases, it is a truck operator’s inexperience that causes a collision. In others, it is improper loading of the cargo or a malfunction in the truck itself.

Leading causes of truck accidents:

  • Unsafe speed
  • Improper cargo loading
  • Driver inexperience or inattention
  • Driver fatigue
  • Poor weather or road conditions
  • Reckless driving

Truck accidents are rarely single-vehicle collisions. Many times they involve at least two or more cars. If you are involved in a car accident with a semi-truck or tractor-trailer you might be entitled to compensation. It is important to discuss your case with an attorney to determine whether you have a valid case for damages.

Determining Liability in Multi-Vehicle Traffic Accidents

It can be challenging to determine liability in multi-vehicle traffic accidents. In many instances, one or more parties may be to blame for the accident. Without the help of an experienced attorney, you might not receive the fair and full recovery you deserve. An attorney can help determine whether you should pursue legal action against a legally responsible party.

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